Ivy Way Response to COVID-19

Ivy Way is offering half-price tutoring sessions on Zoom as long as the schools are closed. Mrs. P. is extremely adept at conducting a productive one-on-one zoom session that keeps students engaged and motivated. First she types out an outline of the topic on the screen and encourages the student to take notes, and then both tutor and student write and draw on a shared screen while working out lots of practice problems.

It is tough to keep kids motivated with no Regents exams and no finals. I get it. I lowered my prices because there is very little incentive to hire a tutor right now, and yet I would like to help in any way possible to keep these young people moving ahead so they will be prepared for school whenever it re-opens. I also see the value in one-on-one tutoring as a break from the “teach yourself” model prevalent during the Pause. The kids benefit from the feedback and positive reinforcement which I provide. Text me to schedule a session for your child!