Ivy Way Web Camp

Session 7 – WordPress

Answer these questions in your composition book:

  1. What is open source software?
  2. What is the GNU license?
  3. Is the text editor (Notepad++ or text wrangler) you downloaded open source?
  4. What is a blog?
  5. What is a content management system?
  6. What is a wordpress plug-in? Are they free, too?


  1. Ask Mrs. P. to have wordpress installed through Dreamhost for your domain. This is easier than installing it yourself.
  2. Mrs. P. will forward you the email from wordpress. Follow steps 1 and 4 in the email. Pick a STRONG password.
  3. Add some content to your home page.
  4. Add a post.
  5. Toggle between “visual” and “text.” See the HTML?
  6. Go to appearance/themes and change the theme. How does it look? I like to keep two tabs in my browser open, one for the wordpress editing page, and one for my actual website.
  7. How does your site look on your phone?
  8. Add a picture using the Add Media button.
  9. Uncheck Allow Comments for your page so that spammers can’t inundate you with comments.
  10. If you want comments, install the Akismet plugin.
  11. Plug ins give you extra functionality. Try installing the plugin “Contact Form 7.”
  12. Try adding a widget.
  13. Add another page