Session 5 – Hyperlinks

Answer these questions about hyperlinks in your composition book:

  1. What does the “HT” of HTML stand for? Explain. Find two examples of links on other websites.
  2. Read pages 77 to 80.
  3. Google: what is the difference between an external link and an internal link. Explain.You cannot create an internal link yet, because you do not have more pages.
  4. What is the difference between and absolute and a relative url?

Practice for hyperlinks:

  1.  Open your index.html page. Copy this linkscode and paste it somewhere into the body of your page.
  2. Do the links work? Voila!
  3. What is the effect of the target attribute?
  4. Create 2 more links of your own choosing, one to another student’s webpage and one to a commercial page. Mimic the format in the sample text.

Practice css styling:

  1. Styling your links is extremely important! Look at the list of links on your page. What is the color? Are they underlined? Do they change color when you hover over them? Look at your page on your phone, too. Is it different?
  2. Now let’s change your link styling. Type the code on page 290 into your css stylesheet. Take a look.
  3. Now go to a color palette website such as this one and find a pleasing combination of colors for all the various sections of your webpage. Change the colors in your stylesheet.