Session 3: Intro to ftp

Answer these questions in your composition book:

  1. What is domain name registration?
  2. Find two companies that do this. What do they charge for a year?
  3. What domain name do you like?
  4. What is web hosting?
  5. Find two companies that host websites. What do they charge for a year?
  6. What is a url?
  7. What does the acronym ftp stand for?
  8. Read pages 489 to 490.
  9. What is Filezilla and what does it do?


  1. Download and install Filezilla on your computer. Choose client.
  2. Mrs. P. created a sub-domain for you to use. Thank her, and then record your url and password on the FIRST page of your composition book.
  3. Open Filezilla and connect to the remote server using your url, user name, and password. Leave the “port” box empty. Click Quickconnect. Are you in?
  4. On the local site side of Filezilla browse to the folder containing the index.html file you just created.
  5. Upload your new html file by dragging from the local site to the remote site. Take a look!
  6. Send the link to your mom.
  7. What web browser are you using? Download a different web browser, or just look at your site on a classmate’s computer and see if it looks the same. What differences do you see?
  8. If you still have time you can play with the html and css files some more and watch the changes.