Ivy Way Web Camp

Day 4: Final Project

Today is the day that you polish your website.

A good website is carefully designed on paper first. Answer these questions in your composition book:

  1. Read pages 455-456. Who is your target audience? Invent some fictional users.
  2. What is your page about? Questions 1 and 2 are related; keep revisiting question 1 while answering question 2.
  3. Read page 461. What pages do you want to include in your website?
  4. Look for websites that have similar content to yours. What do you like? What do you dislike?
  5. Read page 463. Sketch out the wireframe of a sample page.


  1. Decide which web building tool you will use for your final project. HTML using Filezilla (not recommended)? Dreamweaver? WordPress? Schoolwires? If you have not completed session 7 about wordpress, please do that before coming to a decision. Mrs. P. recommends wordpress or schoolwires.
  2. Start working on it.
  3. Send Mrs. P. the url (either xxx.ivywayscience.com or xxx.ivywayscience.com/wp).
  4. Keep working on your page until it is PERFECT! Great work!