Session 1: Intro to HTML

Answer these questions in your composition book:

  1. Define HTML
  2. Who developed it?
  3. When?
  4. Define web browser. What web browser do you use? What web browsers to the other campers use?
  5. Read pages 19-24.
  6. What is an HTML tag? What punctuation do I use for a  tag?
  7. Read pages 27-28. What does the head tag do?
  8. What does the title tag do?
  9. How about the various levels of heading tags?
  10. What is the symbol for the paragraph tag and what does it do?


  1. Create a folder on your own computer for your new website. You can create this in your document folder or your desktop. Give this some thought. What will you name the folder? Check with Mrs. P. once you have created this folder.
  2. Read pages 29-32. If you are working on a PC, download notepad++. If using a mac, work in TextEdit or TextWrangler. Why can’t you use Word or a similar word processing program?
  3. Copy the example on page 58 (using your own text) to create your first webpage.
  4. Save the document you created as index.html (lowercase letters) within the folder that you created previously.
  5. Open a web browser. I like google chrome.
  6. Double click the notepad file you created and it should open in the browser. What do you think?
  7. Edit your file and keep checking it in the browser.
  8. You are a coder!! Take a break.