Liz and Joe and baby

Liz and Joe’s Baby Shower

Date and Time:

We will see you at 5:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, Jan 30th on Zoom

Wishes for Baby:

We wish you could be here in person to give us all your parenting advice and well-wishes for our little cub. When you have a chance, could you please write down your “Wishes for Baby” and send it to Liz and Joe?


Do not open the envelope marked “Baby Shower Games” until the party starts! No cheating.
Baby Word Unscramble
Baby Emoji Pictionary
Baby Animal Match-Up


We are so excited that you are sharing this special day with us. Your love and well-wishes mean so much. Thank you for helping us start this exciting new adventure. In addition to the registries below, we would love pre-loved or non-material gifts.
Amazon Wish List
Chef-Prepared Meals for the Busy Family

Mail to:
Baby Jalbert
174 Gunpowder Lane
Tarrytown, NY 10591

What is a non-traditional shower?

This is a virtual shower, but expect plenty of silly shower games and a chance to catch up with friends at your “table.”

Liz and Joe are in this together, so the men-folk are urged to participate!

Liz and Joe embrace the cloth diaper, baby-wearing, DIY, rehomed goods lifestyle.